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CSR Projects

Digital can be a primary a vehicle for non-profits to engage with current and prospective supporters to garner the long-term support they need to continue their work. With this understanding in mind, many non-profits have been making efforts to transition awareness and fundraising to digital channels for many years, with the pace quickening due to the pandemic. However, not all non-profits have the means to do so, be it the lack in funds or knowledge in these areas.

Our team consists of individuals that are highly passionate about social and environmental causes - half of us have experience working in non-profit or political organizations that work to serve our environment and/or community. In other words, we truly understand the struggle that they face.


As such, Techy Apes aims to help these organizations adapt and bridge this digital gap by providing them with our services and knowledge to kick start their digital platform(s).

Clients that choose to work with Techy Apes are contributing to our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) programs that help non-profits begin their digital journey or improve their digital presence.

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