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Kurau Bay Hotel


Web Development

Payment Gateway Setup






Web development and online payment gateway setup for the launch of a cozy hotel tucked away in the peaceful out skirts of Perak, Malaysia.

Kurau banner.png

Compared to the holiday destinations in other Malaysian states, the small town of Kuala Kurau is a less famous tourist destination, which is why we wanted to showcase not just the hotel's facilities, but the local attractions with this project.

We helped the owners, who were not native English speakers themselves, develop all the copy for their website. In addition to taking photos of the hotel for guest previews, we also captured the beautiful view that Kurau Bay has to offer.

The Website

Their site is mobile optimized, and comes fully equipped with an online booking system and an online payment portal. Visitors are also given a brief introduction to the local attractions on the site.

Kurau desktop mockup.png
Kurau mobile mockup.png
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