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We helped SignorWine improve their brand's social media visual presentation, content strategy, increase their reach and engagement, and drive online sales.


SignorWine is a wine and liquor store based in Cheras. With only one brick and mortar store, they understand the need to increase their customer base online and drive sales on their e-commerce store. 

Problem: SignorWine approached us as they felt their previous agency was not independent enough in handling their social media channels - they were not able to advise the client on content strategy, and were not able to answer their questions with relevance to digital marketing. They also felt that the content and visual direction was not in line with their brand identity. 

Worse still, when we came onboard, we found that their Facebook Page had been banned from running ads, without the knowledge of the client, due to the mishandling of a previous agency. Facebook has strict ad policies and guidelines when it comes to alcohol content, so it's possible that the page has been banned due to inappropriate ad content or targeting. This meant that while the client has been paying the agency an ad budget every month, the funds were not used. 

Unfortunately, this misappropriation of ad funds as not uncommon - every year we meet at least one new client who has experienced this first hand. Often times, the matter is not even discovered until we get access to their Page and find that no ads have been running during the duration of the previous agency's contract.

Solution: Unable to lift the ban from their Page, we helped SignorWine open a new Facebook Page and regained their follower count in 3 months. We also came up with the content strategy and visual direction for their social media channels. Our objective was to help increase their brand awareness by increasing reach, and drive visits to their online store to encourage purchase. With the same retainer fee and ad budget they spent with the previous agency, below are some of the results they achieved 3 months into our partnership, versus 3 months before Techy Apes:

X 20 times

increase in FB post reach.

X 4 times

increase in FB engagement.

X 2.5 times

increase in clicks to their website from Facebook alone.

Video Production

What sells food better than good pictures? The sound of course!

If there's anything we can learn from the success of McDonald's fried chicken sales here in Malaysia, it's that the sound of crunchy fried chicken is irresistible to most of us. That's why for SignorWine's Christmas 2021 Promotion, we decided to take a video for them to highlight their once-a-year special Porchetta, accompanied by a glass of Damoli wine.

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