HELLO. We're Techy Apes.

And we're a boutique digital marketing agency.



We decided to step out of the corporate world to combine our passion for innovation and our expertise in digital marketing to help put brands on the digital map.

Why SMEs?

SMEs account for over 95% of total business establishments. With so many players, competition can be steep. We wanted to make small companies look and grow big by getting them online so that they could connect with people and stay relevant.

But that doesn't mean we don't work with bigger brands. Any brand is a good challenge for us!

What makes Techy Apes unique?

We're an agency that truly listens. Before we start a project, we want to understand your pain points. What are the challenges you're facing as a business? Who else is courting your audience? What miracle is your boss expecting?

Understanding this allows us to cater to your specific needs while always staying focused on your goals.


We also believe in building trusting & lasting relationships.

How big is your team?

Being a boutique agency means that we don't have a large team, but we've handpicked our colleagues from various backgrounds and experiences that are armed with a variety of skills. And we're ready to take you to the next level.

Check us out!

Aames Ng


Hazel Chee

Creative Director

YS Wong

Coding Master

Samantha Hsuu

Content Strategist & Copywriter

Kate Lam

Media & Influencer Lead

Marlin P.

Camera Wizard

C. Jang

Language Associate

Rachel Chee

Language Associate

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