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Noosh Naturals


E-commerce Site Development




We helped Noosh Naturals redevelop a new online store that would give them more access to a more advanced, yet user-friendly, CMS dashboard than their old site.


>1000 sessions

increase in website sessions, over 90% of which were unique visitors.

X 148% in membership

vs previous 10% on the old site (calculated based on the number of members with email address divided by the number of paying customers).

ROI in 3 weeks

The amount invested in the development of their new site was recovered in less than a month, with customers from Malaysia & Singapore.

>6% conversion rate

A good conversion rate is between 2-5% for B2C e-commerce.

The Problem

Founder of Noosh Naturals, Dr Anusha Nair, reached out to Techy Apes and shared her intention in updating her online store. Not only did it need a facelift, there were also many limitations to the old site, including limited CMS capabilities and payment options (PayPal and bank transfer only). This meant that the team at Noosh Naturals didn't have advanced tracking and analysis of their traffic and orders, which is key to providing them with the data necessary to manage and expand their business and marketing efforts.


The old site also didn't allow customers to leave reviews, so they had to be collected and published manually by the team. Finally, despite having thousands of customers, only 10% shared their email address - which meant that they wouldn't be able to maximize their marketing efforts and share news about special campaigns and promotions, new blog posts or media coverage etc.

Our Solution

With all the above in mind, we built Noosh Naturals a new online store that would allow them to track their orders and fulfillment more efficiently, send automated emails, get comprehensive and in-depth insights to their traffic and order analytics including top products and customers, view abandoned carts etc. The new site also allows customers to sign up as a member using their email address (or Facebook / Google accounts) to receive discount coupons. This allows Noosh to continue contacting them about future campaigns, products, or promotions. Additionally, the store's dashboard can be used as a one-stop center to contact their customers - no longer will they need to switch between their website and WhatsApp to contact customers about their orders, tracking number etc.

The new site also benefits customers, as they can now pay using Credit / Debit card. Signing up as a member also allows them to view their past purchases and checkout their carts faster, with all their shipping details filled in automatically.

With an existing customer base and an already robust online sales, the result was a smooth transition. Below are some of the highlights one month into the launch of their new online store:

Having an online store alone, without any marketing, isn't enough to drive sales. While 25% of their traffic comes from Google search results, 50% still comes from Noosh Natural's social media channels. A great product on it's own isn't always enough to push sales - people need to know about your product and how it can help them! This is where consistent postings with a mix of good brand stories and attractive promotions is key to driving traffic and sales.

If you need advice on how to start or improve your online brand presence and sales, feel free to reach out!

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