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60 Social Media Content Ideas

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Our recent conversations with business owners who are trying to manage their own social media pages have led us to realize that for many people, coming up with content ideas can be difficult. More often than not, business owners end up posting solely about new products or promotions because they're not sure what else to talk about. But being too repetitive without sharing fresh content can cause your audience to lose interest.

60 Social Media Content Ideas

It's important to have new, quality content that keeps your users engaged. Posts should be able to attract them and get your audience excited to see what you'll be posting about next. This makes them more likely to engage with your posts, building brand love over time which will make them quality customers.

The good news is that there are many other things you can share about with your audience. We've listed 60 ideas below to help you overcome this challenge.

  1. Introduce yourself or your team

  2. Introduce your products or services

  3. Share something from your portfolio

  4. Share something educational

  5. Take your audience behind-the-scenes

  6. Show your working process

  7. Share an inspiring story

  8. Share free resources (downloadable templates, reports etc)

  9. Highlight your favourite project of the month

  10. Feature a favourite client you worked with

  11. What's your favourite hack?

  12. What's the one tool you can't live without and why

  13. Share a quote

  14. Promote an upcoming event

  15. Fun fact

  16. Give appreciation to top fans or customers

  17. Ask your followers a question

  18. Answer that question

  19. Post a promo or offer

  20. Celebrate an achievement or milestone

  21. How you came up with your business name

  22. Industry challenges

  23. Answer a frequently asked question

  24. Throwback to your top post

  25. Run a contest

  26. Recommend a good book for your industry

  27. Who is your inspiration and why

  28. Do a collaboration

  29. Share a latest event you attended

  30. Share a quick tip

  31. Teaser of your upcoming product or project

  32. Case studies

  33. 2 truths, 1 lie (get your fans to guess which is the lie)

  34. How or why are you in this industry?

  35. Share apps or tools of the trade

  36. Advice for juniors in your industry

  37. Highlight your best seller

  38. Bust a myth

  39. Join the latest trend on social media

  40. What's currently trending in your industry?

  41. Share a checklist

  42. Host a live Q&A session

  43. Offer a freebie (example: first 50 people to sign up or comment wins something)

  44. Announce new product or service

  45. Mistakes to avoid

  46. Tutorial

  47. Best advice you've been given

  48. Share a life lesson

  49. Preview into personal life

  50. Share your work-life balance tips

  51. Share a funny story

  52. Talk about a time you were out of your comfort zone

  53. Share about a mistake you made, how you corrected it and what you learnt from it

  54. How do you get ideas or inspiration?

  55. Share a personal project you're working on

  56. Feature your favourite brands or creators

  57. Talk about a recent experience

  58. Snapshot of your daily routine

  59. Festive greetings

  60. Repost a post or photo by your fan(s)

Need help with your social media content? Drop us a line.

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