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50 Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines for your Newsletters

Updated: Jan 22

Many of us receive lots of emails per day, most of which will go unnoticed, unless they are related to our jobs. While it can feel like they are the least important part of your e-newsletter, subject lines actually play an essential role in getting subscribers to consume your content. You can have the best e-newletter design, content, or deals, but it'll all go to waste if your subscribers won't even make the first click.

50 Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines for your Newsletters

70% of people use email titles to decide if an email is spam, and whether they want to open it.

Attention grabbing subject lines for newsletters need to be able to do just that, grab the attention of the reader and spur action by giving value to your readers. This means that your subject line needs to convince your reader that the email contains information that will help improve the readers' lives or businesses.

Here are some ideas on how you can improve your email subject line and increase your open rate.


1. Get Subscribers Started

Give them a quick introduction about what to do next, or what benefits they can enjoy from their subscription.

  • Welcome to [brand name]! Let's get you started.

  • You're in, let's begin!

  • Welcome! Let's get right to it.

  • You're family now. Introductions are in order!

  • Now that you're one of us, you can enjoy these perks!

2. Personalize

Personalizing subject lines can increase open rates by 50%. Just a small adjustment to it could ensure you have attention grabbing subject lines for newsletters that you prepare for your viewers.

  • Welcome to [brand name], Jon!

  • Hey Anne, your weekly quotes are here.

  • Congratulations Ravi, you're official a member!

  • Chong, avoid making these mistakes.

  • David, the dolphins need your help.

3. Exclusive Offers

  • Claim your exclusive discount code of the month!

  • Here's your FREE members-only worksheet.

  • This discount code deactivates in 24 hours.

  • We've got something BIG for our members.

  • You won't get an offer THIS GOOD anytime soon.

4. Use Questions

  • Are you getting the results you want?

  • Are you spending too much time on design?

  • How would you like a 50% discount?

  • Do you need help with your renewal?

  • Have you heard of this new Instagram hack?

5. Address Pain Points

  • IKEA: Where do all these toys go?

  • IKEA: Get more kitchen space with these easy fixes.

  • HP: Stop wasting money on ink.

  • Sephora: Your beauty issues, solved.

  • Evernote: Stop wasting time on mindless work.

6. Trigger Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

  • Udemy: Last day for new courses starting $10.99.

  • JetBlue: You're missing out on points!

  • Digital Marketer: [URGENT] You've got ONE DAY to watch this...

  • Guess: Tonight only: A denim lover's dream.

  • Olay: Over 50 million sold.

7. Use Humour

  • Mark Weldon: "I'll call you later." "Don't call me later, call me dad." (This was followed by "If you can't improve his jokes, improve his wardrobe" when users opened the email).

  • Groupon: Deals that make us proud (unlike our nephew, Steve)

  • The Muse: We like being used.

  • OneShop: I teh tarik dengan you.

  • Chubbies: Screw it, let's just give everyone free stuff.

8. Create Curiosity

  • Refinery29: 10 bizarre money habits making Millennials richer.

  • Digital Marketer: Is this the hottest career in marketing?

  • The Futur: Why some brands almost always get ripped off.

  • Eat This Not That: 9 disgusting facts about Thanksgiving.

  • Neil Patel: A Dead Simple SEO Strategy That'll Generate 1 Million Visitors.

9. Appeal To Vanity

  • Fabletics: Your butt will look great in these workout pants.

  • La Mer: Age-defying beauty tricks.

  • DSW: Reviewers have spoken: "BETS BOOTIE EVER!"

  • MAC Cosmetics: Make your skin GlowForReal

  • Guess: Don't wear last year's styles.

10. Lazy Hacks

  • Syed from OptinMonster: Grow your email 10x faster with these 30 content upgrade ideas.

  • Digital Marketer: Steal these email templates...

  • The Body Shop: Get self care while you sleep.

  • Duolingo: Learn language with only 5 minutes a day.

  • Patagonia: School lunch made easy.


The key things to remember are:

  • Keep it short & simple (KISS). 6-10 words is ideal.

  • Don't be spammy. Sending emails to your audience is great, but overdo it and they might unsubscribe. Using all uppercase or too many exclamation marks can also come off as spammy.

  • Do A/B testing to see which headline does better. Split your email list into 2 groups, and send them the same email content but with different headlines. See which one works better for you.

  • Exclude the word "newsletter". Stop using boring subject lines like "[Brand name] January Newsletter".

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